Financial Success Lesson #1

Did you know your actions follow your decisions?

For example, you decide to walk 10,000 steps today. Your decision is instant and firm. As a result, you feel like walking whenever it’s fun and convenient. If you wear a fitness device, you notice you hit 10,000 steps by 5 PM.

The first step to becoming financially successful is to fully decide you WILL achieve your financial success goals.

“I WILL make enough money in 15 hours per week to fully support my art.”
“I will have five million dollars in savings, own a great house by the ocean and have no debt by the time I’m 50.”
“I’m a billionaire in-the-making.”

Because of your decision, you master the skills and take the correct steps toward your financial success, starting with this important skill. If you do not make this decision, you do not take the correct financial steps toward your success, and you stay broke.

You will cause your own financial your success. No one or nothing else will do it for you.

Seven Decisions That Lead to Financial Failure

1. “I just can’t get rich.”

You say to yourself, “I have nothing but bad luck” or “People like me never get rich” or “Wealth is not in my genes.” As a result, you make no effort to improve yourself. You avoid challenges, ignore problems and fail to act on financial opportunities.

2. “I’ll wait for some of my friends get rich and then I’ll do whatever they do.”

If you just follow the crowd, you end up broke like the rest of the crowd. You fail to take actions that lead to financial health. You avoid hard work as none of your friends are working very hard. You stay in your comfort zone and never walk on a path to financial success.

3. “The game is rigged against me.”

You invent excuses or justify your failures. “If I had his connections, I’d be richer than he is.” “If it wasn’t for my back pain, I’d be a millionaire!”

You might also blame others for your poor condition. You target anyone, including politicians, family members or your competition. “I can’t move past my horrible childhood.”

4. “All rich people are cheaters, liars or thieves.”

You may believe the way to wealth is to steal, lie, cheat, embezzle or use fraud. So you lie to customers, employers or friends. You cheat on your taxes, steal from your boss or invent a scam business.

If you temporarily succeed, you know the money is not actually yours. Keeping this money is difficult and you eventually lose it. On top of that, when someone figures out your cheating methods, your personal PR is ruined, you get sued or you end in jail. No one can trust you again.

5. “Financial success is just luck, not my decision.”

If you think the path to riches is based on positive wishes, the gods or a secret mysterious force, you do not see opportunities and methods for earning your wealth. You waste your time and money buying lottery tickets, gambling, praying for money, falling for con games or just waiting for your luck to change on its own. Even if you happen to temporarily win, you are not causing your own good luck and your luck runs out. You do not control your success.

6. “Someone else will make me rich.”

If you believe you will be wealthy because of someone else, your future wealth is not under your control.

You may hope for an inheritance. You may hope to be injured or find other ways to sue someone. You may try to find and marry a rich person solely to get rich.

If no one makes or keeps you financially successful, you never get ahead. You do not create and earn your own wealth. Financial success is unlikely.

7. “I’m not going to get my hopes up.”

If you decide you will never have enough money, you will be right. You will always be low on funds.

If you decide you cannot earn your financial success, you will be right. You will hold yourself back. You will ignore the steps you need to take. You will have nothing to retire on.

Fortunately, you can replace these seven negative decisions with one positive decision.

The First Step to Financial Success

If you make a firm and final decision to be a financial success, you find out what you need to know, you adopt the right attitudes, you make better decisions and you are MOTIVATED.

I WILL make enough money so I can golf full time and never worry about money again.”
“I WILL create a highly-profitable business and earn millions for me and my family to enjoy.”
“I AM going to become financially independent.”

You give yourself more pressure to earn. You give your wealth goals higher priority. You constantly learn more ways to earn, save, protect and attract more money than ever.

Everyone who is better off than you, started with the decision that they would do well. You can do the same.

Someday, you will remember the moment you made this firm decision. “Oh yeah! I remember deciding to be a multi-millionaire way back in 2021, and now I am one. Awesome!”