How to Become a Superhero

Buried inside you is a superhero (also known as an A-Performer). You see this hero in your dreams, in your thoughts and in your imagination. You perform feats of power, wipe out the enemies and save the day!

As an A-Performer, you make the smartest decisions, take the best actions and produce the best results. You say the right things to the right people at the right times. You earn the money, security and joy you deserve.

To become a Superhero A-Performer you learn to implement 10 sets of performance skills.



Ten Benefits of Being an Superhero A-Performer

As an A-Performer, you improve the world. You make positive changes for everyone you can whenever you can. You lead the way, solve problems and create success.

A-Performers are the top leaders, inventors, engineers, entertainers, scientists, healthcare providers, computer technicians, entrepreneurs, managers, assistants and employees of all types.

Becoming and staying a Superhero is not difficult. You just master and use the 10 Sucessbase skill sets (super powers) until you start achieving constant success and benefits like these:.

  1. As an A-Performer, you do a better job than average and so you earn and deserve more pay than average.
  2. You see opportunities, paths and steps you can take to reach your goals.
  3. You attract good people to you. People enjoy working with you and following you. You are a leader that people trust and support. Other A-Performers want to work for and with you more than anyone else.
  4. Your technical skills are unmatched. You are in the top 5% of your profession. You rarely fail, get involved in complications or need to redo your work.
  5. You have a great reputation. Your personal PR image is an asset you build, protect and improve.
  6. You have plenty of healthy energy to follow your passions and make steady progress toward your goals. You do not waste energy on stress, bad habits or worry. You eat and sleep quite well.
  7. Although you are kind and generous, no one takes advantage of you. You support causes that help others, not just yourself. You are not selfish.
  8. You are your best friend. You are proud of yourself and enjoy being you. No matter what people say or do to you, you cannot be offended.
  9. Your productivity, income and net worth increases every year regardless of the economy.
  10. Your career and life are games. Winning is natural to you. You have fun!

To start your journey to be an A-Performer, you need to know about all four Performer Types.

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Four Types of Performers

Everyone fits into one of four categories: A-Performers, B-Performers, C-Performers and D-Performers. Movies and shows usually include all four.

● The heroes are the A-Performers
● The innocent victims and bystanders are B-Performers
● The stupid guys and henchmen are C-Performers
● The bad guys are D-Performers


These high-energy people are organized, clean and very productive. They get more work done per hour than average. They are fast learners, honest and popular.

In an average community, around 5% are A-Performers. They include famous A-Performers like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates as well as millions of non-famous A-Performers. You probably know a few A-Performers because 5% of the US population, of 390,000,000,  is over 19,500,000 people!

Every terrific movie has at least one fictional A-Performer (usually played by an actual A-Performer actor). Every successful recording artist, scientist, sports champion, innovator and writer is an A-Performer.

Successful businesses always include A-Performers. Every multimillionaire and billionaire, who earned his or her money ethically, is an A-Performer. Why not you too?

The work area of an A-Performer is clean, efficient and organized. They always look professional. They have fast, easy smiles.

A-Performers take the initiative to lead the way. They find permanent solutions to problems and barriers. As far as anyone knows, they have no personal problems.

A-Performers are your best friends. They enjoy giving you help and receiving your help. They keep their promises. They always treat you with kindness and respect.

A-Performers find the best opportunities, earn the most money and seem to have all the luck.

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B-Performers are also good people. They do their jobs, get along with most people and like stability.

In an average community, most people or 75%, are B-Performers.

Even though B-Performers only use a few of their performance skills, they have many hidden and unused superpowers. They all have tremendous potential and can become A-Performers. Unfortunately, for many reasons, most do not try.

They prefer to stay in their comfort zones. They do not want to rock the boat or be too unique. They do not have much motivation or energy to improve themselves.

They have average production numbers. They can complete most assignments and are satisfied with their adequate work.

However, they do not accomplish anything significant. Their businesses barely make it or, sooner or later, they fail. They not do achieve their dreams.

B-Performers do not solve their long-term problems. They do not try to make new discoveries, learn new skills or go for the top. They are satisfied with being average.

B-Performers have the same problems as other B-Performers, with their work, health and families. For example, they don’t have enough money to pay their expenses, they have marriage problems, they are overweight, they depend too much on someone, they are afraid to be bold and so on. Much of their enjoyment comes from TVs or devices, junk food and other bad habits.

If they let their villains control them, they may become C-Performers. Their problems become bigger and more serious. Their finances and self-confidence suffer. They are not truly happy.

Fortunately, when B-Performers decide to change, they can activate their hidden performance skills. They can face their weaknesses and work to pull themselves up to new levels. They can unleash their superpowers and earn all the benefits of being A-Performers.

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C-Performers do not have a lot of energy and are rarely motivated to accomplish much of anything. They have difficulty learning new jobs or skills.

In an average community, 17-18% are C-Performers.

Their work areas are usually messy or disorganized. They make mistakes and need constant supervision. They enjoy talking about their personal problems as well as yours.

If they stumble into positions of leadership, they do not last. They are easily blocked by simple problems. When they fail, they blame others or use some of their many excuses.

Being managed by C-Performer bosses is stressful, if not impossible. They give strange or confusing instructions or maybe no instructions at all. You never know how a C-Performer leader will act.

C-Performers can be quite friendly, but they use that single skill to get you to lower your expectations of them. They use their friendliness to get out of hard work or difficult situations. If you bypass C-Performers, and do their jobs for them, they are pleased.

Following instructions is a skill most C-Performers cannot do. They usually mess things up. As a result, they stress out their bosses and eventually get fired.

C-Performers are so incompetent they cannot see their weaknesses. They see no reason to change or improve. Trying to help them become B-Performers is usually a waste of time.

C-Performers are poor friends. They do not keep their promises or actually help you in any way. They pull you down with their whines, complaints and selfishness.

C-Performers often have poor health. They have bad habits like drinking, smoking, drug abuse, gambling and so on. They can be obese, constantly sick and gross. They love the attention their misery gets from healthcare providers, religious leaders and welfare workers.

C-Performers quietly or noisily suck the life out of you. They prefer to support D-Performers rather than A-Performers. In the movies, they are the bad guy’s henchmen or stupid assistants.

However, once in a while, a C-Performers decides to become a B-Performer. If he or she then invests the time and energy it takes to make major self improvements, he or she can become a B-Performer. Unfortunately, if they change at all, C-Performers are more likely to become D-Performers.

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In an average community, 2-3% are D-Performers. They are the worst of the worst and cause this world’s biggest problems. Think of the worst people you have ever met and you know what D-Performers are like.

D-Performers drain your energy, lie about everything and spread bad news. They can cause you so much stress that you make mistakes, cause accidents and get sick. If you let them, they ruin all of your days.

D-Performers are the bad guys in movies and in real life. They work hard to destroy the good guys. They have no conscious, ethics or morals.

D-Performers are the ones who make money from selling drugs, weapons and people. They feel satisfaction from others’ suffering, pain and death. When they climb over enough people to get into positions of authority, they use their power to cause major harm and are difficult to stop.

They love to spread bad news and make the news sound more frightening than it is. Spreading rumors, gossip and lies is natural to D-Performers as they believe it’s the right thing to do. You never feel cheerful or optimistic around them.

D-Performers solve work and life problems with destruction, such as using punishments instead of rewards. Their “solutions” becoming bigger problems than the original problems. They disagree, oppose and fight solutions that actually help people.

D-Performers are prejudiced and biased. They dislike or hate those who are different than they are. They turn peaceful protests into riots, law enforcement into death and justice into torture.

D-Performers often think they are A-Performers, that they are superior beings who should be treated like royalty. They are sometimes known as narcissists.

D-Performers love to stop people of goodwill, especially A-Performers. They believe their success depends on the losses of others.

D-Performers love to invent or spread conspiracy theories that make good people look like they are bad people. Fortunately, their destruction is temporary as A-Performers are smarter and more powerful.

If you are unfortunate enough to live or work with a D-Performer, you should move on. If you employ D-Performers, fire them as soon as it is legally safe to do. Get rid of them before they cause bigger problems for your business.

Once you remove D-Performers from your life, your life improves. You only regret you took so long to act. You cannot make D-Performers into good and decent people.

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SuccessBase focuses on giving you new skills. You use the skills to improve your progress and results with your work, money, relationships, mood and more. You constantly improve your skills and ability to win the game of life.

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