Financial Success Quiz #1

1. What happens if you never decide to succeed financially?
Nothing improves
You still might get lucky

2 What’s wrong with waiting for someone or something to come along and make you rich?
Nothing. It’s much easier to just wait.
It might be a long wait.
You do not control your financial success.

3. When is the game actually rigged against someone?
When they come from a poor neighborhood.
It’s certainly more of a challenge for some, but it’s never rigged

4. What’s wrong with a little cheating if it makes you rich?
Nothing. All wealthy people have to bend the rules to get where they are. Everyone knows this.
Cheating can ruin your reputation, get cheated yourself or end up in prison. If nothing else, you are worried about being found out.

5. What’s wrong with getting your hopes up?
Having hopes and dreams gives you an important direction and keeps you motivated.
When you fail, you’ll feel much worse than if you have no hopes.

6. What is the first step to being financial healthy and successful?
Using all available cash to buy lottery tickets
Making a firm decision