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At SuccessBase, we want your E-coaching system to help you succeed as never before. If you are having any difficulties using SuccessBase E-coaching, please read “How to Obtain Maximum Results from SuccessBase E-coaching” or submit the form below. We will do our best to help you.

How to Obtain Maximum Results from SuccessBase

You are the most powerful force in your world. You have a great deal of potential to be whatever you want to be, do whatever you want to do and have the rewards you deserve. With SuccessBase E-coaching, you learn how to cause your own success.

The best way to make constant improvement to your skills and performance is by changing the way you operate. You upgrade your attitudes, your circumstances, the people you chose to be around, your finances, your health, your time and your responses to problems.

You are one of the most incredible people on Earth. You do much more than think or talk about improving your performance. You are taking ACTION!

We, at SuccessBase, want you to be a superhero A-Performer. We want to help you perform at a new level with SuccessBase supporting you behind the scenes, in your corner, as your shadow, your silent partner, your secret edge. We want you and your family, colleagues and teammates to be amazed at your achievement and success.

Your Five Duties as a Client

To maximize your SuccessBase E-coaching sessions, accept and carry out these five duties.

1. Visit your dashboard and work on your skills lessons at least once each week.

2. Add or create Action Steps that
● You are willing to do
● Challenge you and push you to new levels of performance
● Will be your highest priority

3. Work on your Action Plan every day, even if for just a few minutes.

4. If you have trouble with an Action Step, go back to your Skill Set dashboard and review the skill lesson.

5. If your performance is not improving, or you are not succeeding with this online e-coaching system, click Support and send us a “Support Request.”

The Biggest Reason You Fail to Get Results from E-coaching: You fail to do your Action Steps

The number one reason SuccessBase clients do not get results is they do not ACT. They make no changes to their day-to-day activities, habits or behavior. They do not move a centimeter outside of their comfort zones.

To win with E-coaching, make sure you actually WILL DO your Actions Steps before adding them to your Action Plan. Getting them DONE needs to be your highest priority.

If you cannot or will not do a step, do not include it in your Action Plan. Having three steps you will do is better than ten steps you may or may not do. Remember: the more Action Steps you complete, the faster you move toward your Optimum Condition.

Five Other Reasons Your E-Coaching May Not Be Effective

  1. You are a lazy spectator, not an active participant. You create an account, check out a few skill lessons and realize you have to do some actual work. You leave and never return.
  2. You find one tiny thing about SuccessBase you dislike and quit. In this case, we hope you will give us your feedback with the form below as we are constantly improving the SuccessBase system.
  3. You are impatient. You want instant self-improvement, but not willing to invest your time to do so.
  4. You believe you already know it all. You have no room for new ideas.
  5. You cannot easily receive help. You tried to get help in the past which did not work out, so you mistakenly assume all new attempts will probably fail.

Fortunately, despite these five barriers, you can still reach new levels of wealth, accomplishment and happiness with SuccessBase. You just need to be willing to work with us. Your time investment will pay out a lifetime of rewards.


SuccessBase E-coaching works with everyone who has an open mind and wants to improve their performance. Our winning clients include multi-millionaire business owners who constantly improve themselves, single moms who want a better life for their kids, Gen Z members (20-somethings) who are hungry to succeed and retired people who want to start new life chapters.

Whoever you are or whatever you think, give this SuccessBase e-coaching system an honest try. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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