Look outside.

Notice how everything is in the present. Notice how the plants are in the present. See how the sky is in the present. Watch a bird in the present. Keep lookings Look at everything plants. Look at birds. Look at trees. Look at clouds.

What is happening with you right now?

Are you in the past, present or future? Just noticing your attention can snap you into the present. Notice this a few times each hour to start building a habit.

Do you often think about a bad person from your past?

If you can forgive this person, it’s easier for you to live in the present. Can you forgive this person? If not, can you imagine forgiving this person some day? Even a little bit of forgiveness will help you.

Focus on your breathing.

Do this for two breaths (in, out, in, out). Do not think about anything except the present. Try three breaths. You can also say to yourself, “I am breathing in. I am breathing out.”

Do you worry about things getting worse?

It might give you stress, fear or anxiety. Recognize that it’s an illusion and move your attention to the present.

Smile and laugh.

If you are stuck in the past or future, you do not laugh until you get into the present. Have a small laugh and notice that you are in the present. Have another laugh and notice you are in the present.