Welcome to your Financial Success Dashboard Setup Page

As part of this setup, you define your Optimum Financial Condition, list your challenges and more. When you finish, you will be set up to begin mastering your Financial Health Skill Set.

Step One: Describe an Optimum Condition

The first step to master a Skill Set is to describe your OPTIMUM CONDITION. This important description gives you a direction. It becomes your focus, your motivation and your first reward.

Your Optimum Condition is like a small goal that you want to achieve within a few months. It is a milestone or significant step on the path to your bigger goals. When you reach an Optimum Condition, you know your skills are working.

Eight Examples

1. Credit card balances at $____ and savings total at $____.
2. Living in a nicer place with no financial strain.
3. Monthly income is higher by 10%
4. Earning more money than I am spending.
5. Enough money coming in so I can focus on my art.
6. Net worth is now at $_____.
7. On track to retire by _____.
8. Generating new income from an additional source.

An Optimum Condition makes all the difference to learning new Financial Skills as you earn and enjoy results on your way to total financial success.

Describe 3-10 qualities of your Optimum Condition.

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