My Financial Success Dashboard

How to Master Your Financial Success Skill Set

With SuccessBase, you actually master the nine Skill Sets because of one big difference: we help you with IMPLEMENTATION. You activate each skill and use them in your life. You get RESULTS.

If you search through all the self-improvement websites, e-learning systems and skill-training apps, you only find articles and videos. Many of these articles and ideas are terrific. However, with SuccessBase, you go beyond the “terrific idea” stage and put skills into real-world use. You need, want and get real-world results.

For example, you think, “Man, I’m sick of being broke all the time. I want to get rich!” So you read “10 Ways to Get Rich.” You think, “Good ideas. I should do those.” You may even try to use a few of the skills and think, “Man, that’s too hard. I’ll try later. Maybe being broke isn’t so bad.” A few weeks later, your financial condition has not improved in the slightest.

You might believe you just need to think the right thoughts as covered in The Secret or Think and Grow Rich. You might also love “Get Rich Quick” schemes, articles and videos. Yet these shortcuts usually make someone else rich, not you. Just ask yourself, “Does this approach work? Does it improve my condition?”

With SuccessBase, you go through a process to learn and put each skill into use. Sometimes the process is easy, sometimes it is stressful, but within a few weeks, your financial condition improves! You have STATISTICAL PROOF that you have mastered some skills. You say to yourself, “Man! I actually improved my financial picture. I can do it again.”

On top of that, you turn these skills into life-time habits. As a result, you make the right financial decisions and take the best actions to reach your financial goals. You reach your goals and become WEALTHY.

The SuccessBase process begins with your OPTIMUM CONDITION.

My Current Condition

1. Not paying monthly bills on time
2. Doing too much work for insufficient pay
3. Need to spend $1000 on car repairs
4. Alimony is costing me $6500 per month
5. Retirement fund is off target.

My Progress

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My Optimum Condition

1. All bills paid on time
2. Get proper pay for my hard work
3. Fix or replace the car
4. $100,000 in retirement savings

My Challenges

1. Can’t get out of bed before noon.
2. I love cats too much
3. Every day is a bad hair dai

My Achievements

1. No longer scratching my head all day long.
2. Saved $123,233 last month
3. Finally remembered to use deodorant.
4. Paid off the mortgage.
5. Signed a deal with the neighbors

My New Habits

1. Eating broccoli every day
2. Washing the Jag and Mercedes each morning
3. Not taking the cat for granted


Action Steps

Start Date

Completion Date


1. Open a retirement account 1/2/33 3/22/1212 5
2. Learn to use TurboTax 3/1/21 4/15/21 3
3. Put all bills owed in a pile 12/1/20 12/1/20 2
4. Arrive at work on time from now on Now   2

Do Later

1. Replace my hip
2. Rescue more cats

Financial Success Skill Lessons

1. Decide to be a Financial Success

2. How to Earn More Money

3. How to Save More Money

4. How to Invest Money

5. How to Increase Your Earning Power

6. How to Control Your Expenses

7. How to Manage Your Net Worth

8. How to Reward Yourself

9. Where to Find Financial Opportunities

10. How to Eliminate Debt

11. How to Attract Wealth

12. How to Protect Your Wealth

13. How to Reduce Your Taxes

14. How to Accumulate Long-term Wealth

15. How to Use Power to Increase Your Wealth

16. How to Create Your Legacy