Step Two: Describe Your Current Condition

Next, describe your CURRENT CONDITION. This important description gives you a starting point. You take full responsibility for the reality of your situation.​

If you get lost while driving, and cannot use a navigator app, you stay lost until you find your current location. To succeed, your starting point is just as important as your destination. You can then work out your path and find you way in this wonderful world of ours, right?

You can then work out your path.

Eight Current Condition Examples

1. Credit card balances at $____ and savings total at $____.
2. Living in a crappy apartment and stressed out by my bills.
3. Monthly income has not improved for the past year.
4. I’m spending more than I earn almost every month.
5. Net worth is at $_____.
6. I’m still working at 72 and I can’t retire.
7. All my income comes from one source.

After you write a description of your Current Condition we’ll look at the Challenges you face.