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14 Indicators of a Correct Why

1. The Why leaps out at you (DS 34)
2. It opens the door to handling (DS 23)
3. You can do something by yourself to improve the scene (DS 22 and 23)
4. It is somewhat surprising (DS 37)
5. It explains the situation (DS 25)
6. You cooperate all over the place (DS 23)
7. Stats go up (DS 23)
8. It is a magic carpet (DS 23)
9. “Correct Whys result in cogs and VGIs.” (HCO PL 6 April 72R II “How to Find a Why on a Person and Handle”)
10. “When you have a right Why, handling it becomes simple.” (DS 37)
11. It is specific (DS 41R)
12. “The biggest idiocy which then explains all the rest and which opens the door to improvement toward the ideal scene is the Why.” (DS 25)
13. “It must be something which will permit you to bring about a better scene—not necessarily bring about the ideal scene. You might actually have a better scene than the ideal scene!” (DS 41RA)
14. “...real ones are often too incredible to have been arrived at in any other way. Or they are so obvious no one noticed.” (DS 23)